Competency-based Interview Guidance

Competency- based Interview Techniques.

Competency-based interviews (also referred to as a skills-based, situational or behavioural interview) work on the premise that evidence of past performance is a valid indicator of future performance within a similar role.

The majority of organisations now employ some sort of competency framework, asking competency-based questions and using competencies as their preferred selection method.

Preparing for competency based interviews.

Competency based interview questions will ask for specific examples of prior experience. The most important part of preparing for a competency based interview is to go through the competencies that may be questioned, and think examples of your related experiences.

Think through your experiences in terms of STAR:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

The answer that you provide must relate to a specific example within your experience and you should always aim to use the most recent experience that you can.

For example, an interviewer assessing for the competency "teamwork" might ask the following question:

"Tell me about a situation where you needed to work as a team to achieve a positive outcome?"

The answer should include a description of what happened, the approach you took and the outcome. Once you have provided an answer, follow up questions will be asked to drill down into the specific detail. Examples of these include:

"What was your specific role?"
"What could you have done differently?"
"How did the outcome affect your company?"

If you have any specific questions on this area of interviewing, please do not hesitate to contact your consultant.

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