Simple CV Rules

This is a simple and easy to follow process in preparing your curriculum vitae.
  1. Format is crucial so make sure you don’t go over two pages and make sure that you are clear and concise with your heading. Additionally go for a neutral font and black typeface! Don’t brand your CV unless you are applying for a...
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Telephone Interview Techniques.

Be Prepared to Interview

Prepare for a phone interview just as you would for a regular interview. Compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a list of answers to typical  interview questions. In addition, plan on being prepared for a phone conversation about your background and skills.

Basics & Preparation

  • Keep your CV and...
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Competency-based Interview Guidance

Competency- based Interview Techniques.

Competency-based interviews (also referred to as a skills-based, situational or behavioural interview) work on the premise that evidence of past performance is a valid indicator of future performance within a similar role. The majority of organisations now employ some sort of competency framework, asking competency-based questions and using competencies as their preferred selection method.

Preparing for competency...

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Evidence Based Interviewing Techniques

Evidence based interviewing is a simple technique which relies on the assumption that if an applicant really is competent in a particular area or set of areas, he or she will be able to verbally provide a clear, fluent and convincing account of a situation in which he or she made use of the particular...
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